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The greatest oenologist of the Italian wine Renaissance, Giacomo Tachis, wrote: Wine loves the breath of the sea. And that very breath from the sea, together with the characteristics of the soil, makes our vines suitable for Refosco. The wind caresses the vineyards with its warmth and triggers the cool night breezes that descend from the nearby hills. An ideal microclimate to bring Refosco, our flagship wine, to full maturity.
Our Valpanera lands are in various locations, with the main farm and the winery in the centre. They feature different compositions and their scientific analysis has led us to identify the optimal relation between variety and soil and produce wines coming from individual vineyards. This confirms an ancient law and the basis of wine making wisdom: the character and personality of the wine are closely linked to the type of soil.

Villa Vicentina – Tenuta Valpanera

Refosco Borgo Pacco, Villa Vicentina, in front of the company headquarters. Mostly sandy soils, recently flooded. Here we get a lighter Refosco to drink when still young. Merlot vineyard Borgo Pacco, Villa Vicentina. These soils are more clayey than those dedicated to Refosco.

We have a passion for a job well done, and not only in relation to wine but also to vinegar, with a dedicated balsameria (balsamic vinegar production facility). It is located in a second cellar – in the centre of the Borgo Pacco vineyard – where we produce excellent vinegars aged in wood for 3, 6 and 12 years. Ideal both for seasoning and cooking. Vinegars with balsamic aromas, round and intense to the palate.

Terzo d’Aquileia – Tenuta San Marino

Refosco vineyard San Martino (Municipality of Terzo d’Aquileia), 2.5 hectares. Sandy-clayey soil. Closest to the sea as the crow flies. Suitable for long-aged wines

Cervignano – Località Scodovacca

Refosco vineyard Scodovacca (Municipality of Cervignano). Sandy-clayey soil. Suitable for long-aged wines with their own touch of nobility.
Cabernet sauvignon vineyard Scodovacca.
Sandy-clayey soil. The wines obtained from these two parcels, combined together, create an important and challenging ageing red of international level.

Fiumicello – Località Cortona

Cortona vineyards (Municipality of Fiumicello) dedicated to white grapes: Chardonnay, Malvasia, Rhine Riesling, Sauvignon and Traminer. Land overlooking the Torre torrent riverbed. Predominantly sandy and recently flooded soil or composed of gravel, sand and silt, recently flooded. Wines with a distinct aroma, fresh, crisp, pleasant and savoury.
An historical note: on the cadastral maps dating back to the Habsburg period, show a bend in the stream right in the middle of our vineyards, then corrected due the obvious diversion of the watercourse.
Agronomic vineyard management
We have chosen the path of sustainability, combined with precision viticulture. Tradition and innovative agronomic techniques, supported by digital technology, can and must coexist. It is no coincidence that we have adhered to the Rural Development Plan programme, measure 10.1.3, with permanent grassing of the vineyards, mechanical processing and absence of herbicides.