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Società Agricola Valpanera:
our great Friulian wine through history and tradition

The cellar is placed at the centre of the company’s domains and is of brand new and modern concep
Equipped with the most modern winemaking technology, it permits us to bring out the best from what mother nature offers, in an environment that ensures maximum safety and hygiene.
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The winemaking

di systems

In order to obtain the best fermentation of red grapes, with an excellent extraction of colouring, tannins and polyphenolics from the skin, we have four winemaking systems:

– Traditional winemakers with direct reassembling;
– Mechanic fullers for the submersion of the fermenting grape skin;
– Horizontal bladed macerators;
– “Ganymede Method” macerators, which use the Carbon Dioxide produced during the fermentation for the rupture of the “grape skin” without the aid of pumps or mechanical propellers.

The best wines, selected in each single vintage, are allocated in the aging cellar, inside barrels and barriques made of French oak.
The final step in the production cycle is the bottling, carried out in protected areas, always inside the cellar with direct current last generation systems.