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The history of the area where our vineyards are located takes us back to the splendour of the city of Aquileia, founded in 181 B.C. by the Romans and one of the most important settlements of the Empire.
Aquileia was not only a political and military garrison, but also a very important centre of trade and wine production. The latter was introduced by the legionnaires and Friuli Venezia Giulia was indeed its cradle. “Rome made wine production a political tool to express the pax romana, in order to connect, in times of peace, the activity of a legion with the agricultural and social context of the occupied land. Confirming the strategic importance of wine, centurions held in their right hand a stick called vitis, which was nothing more than a vine branch”. (Roma caput vini, by Giovanni Negri and Elisabetta Petrini).
So it was that in Aquileia the legionnaires introduced the tree-lined vineyards, i.e. the vines tied to trees. The Greek historian Herodian gives us a precise image of the vineyards of those times: in the countryside of Aquileia “arranged are the trees at equal distances, and coupled are the vines, forming a jolly picture, so much so as to make those lands appear adorned with leafy crowns”.